Burgoo restaurant plumbing services

Burgoo has become a very successful restaurant chain now operating locations in North Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver, Kitsilano and Point Grey. Mainland Plumbing and Heating has been helping Burgoo with a range of restaurant plumbing services from the creation of complete custom commercial kitchens, to stylish lavatories and routine maintenance.

Custom Commercial Kitchen Plumbing

When new Burgoo restaurants open Mainland Plumbing and Heating is there to help with every step of the process. From designing efficient commercial kitchen spaces to the selection and installation of appliances and fixtures.

Stylish Restaurant Lavatories

Over the years we have worked on everything from complete washroom installations for new restaurants, restroom renovations, fixture maintenance and installations and drain cleaning services.

Restaurant Plumbing Maintenance

Our dedicated team of service technicians have been at Burgoo’s disposal for a variety of emergency plumbing services as well as scheduled plumbing maintenance, drain cleaning, camera inspections, and back flow prevention testing.

Efficient Plumbing Solutions

We help every Burgoo restaurant operate with maximum cost efficiency by employing water saving methods with PVR assemblies, supplying and installing the right fixtures and energy efficient appliances that produce results while saving money.