Water Leak Detection & Monitoring

Vancouver water leak detection systems

At Mainland Plumbing and Heating we specialize in the installation of water detection systems for all types of buildings. We offer flexible designs and a variety of applications to suit your specific needs. Our water leak detection systems offer both a simple and an effective solution that can work with any budget.

Water damage caused by leaking pipes, sinks and hot water heaters is one of the most common claims in condominiums. Poorly maintained buildings, deficient structures and changing climatic conditions, are also primary causes of water damage. Water leaks need to be reacted to very quickly as damage can spread to more than one dwelling or area of a building.

Water leaks that are not detected can cause mold and be the source of many health problems. If not contained, water damage can also reach the structure of the building causing catastrophic damage sometimes requiring near complete remediation at huge costs. It is always best to eliminate this potential issue before they can start with a water leak detection system.

Water Detection For Insurance Purposes

Insurance companies are also increasingly reluctant to insure condos that don’t use water leak detection systems. Not all insurance policies even cover all water damage claims and the costs associated with remediation can be staggering. The best protection against leaks comes from early detection.

Water Leak Detection Systems Highlights

Our state-of-the-art water leak detection system uses industry leading technology and high quality hardware that is proven to be durable with a capacity of up to 28 sensors so you can monitor every potential source of possible water leaks. Our systems monitor their own performance so there is never any doubt if it is fully operational. Alerts are sent out to operators with an alarm and emails if any problems are detected.

  • Large capacity of sensors – Our water leak detection systems can handle up to 28 sensors per control panel allowing for complete leak detection for buildings and operations of any size.
  • Battery monitoring – Our water leak detection systems monitors battery life and send alerts when low. In the event of a power shut-down the system works on full battery power.
  • Automated alerts – A variety of alarm options are available including automated alerts that are sent out to operators with an email if any problems are detected.
  • Secure wireless networks – Our water leak detection systems are designed to operate on a Secure Wireless Network. The water leak detection system can run on its own secure wireless network giving it the best capability to function properly when needed. The system also sends alerts by secure cellular transmission. Cellular transmissions are also sent to the operator or monitoring company giving the fastest response time for potential leaks and yet another system in place to ensure that leaks are detected and responded to.
  • Wireless sensors – Our water leak detection systems can also be setup to run with Wireless sensor capabilities. Wireless sensors are a perfect solution to detect leaks in hard to reach places or areas without power.
  • Automatic water valve shutoff – The system can be setup with motorized valves that automatically shut off water as soon as a leak is detected. This system is connected to both a power supply and batteries to ensure it works under any condition including power failures.
  • Monitor water flow – The system not only detects water leaks but also monitors water flow through your pipes. If abnormal water flow is detected the system can be shut off until the issue has been addressed. This ability to detect abnormal water flow gives you the ability to control your water usage and potentially save you a lot of money from unknown over usage.
  • Automated water allowance – Turn on water when guests are present. The system has the ability to keep the water turned off until occupants or guests are detected in the building. This can help prevent leaks when a building is not in use and can save money on reduced water usage.

Water Leak Detection For Buildings of All Sizes

These state-of-the-art water leak detection systems are a perfect solution to limit the potential damage caused by flooding and leaks, help to reduce insurance costs, and achieve peace of mind knowing that you have taken the best approach to a very important issue. Water leak detection systems are ideal for buildings and operations of all sizes including: condominiums, commercial buildings, industrial complexes, high-rise towers, multi-dwellings, townhomes, detached homes, offices and cottages.