Purebread Bakery

Mainland Plumbing helped Purebread Bakery transform their new commercial space into a fully functional bakery that serves the public. This unique tenant improvement project included the creation and installation of a new commercial kitchen specifically designed for a bakery.

Mainland Plumbing also created and installed new washrooms that would be the envy of any restaurant.

With the help of a great commercial bakery space and their delicious goodies Purebread has quickly become one of Vancouver’s favourite bakeries winning many local awards.

About Purebread Bakery

Purebread is a family bakery established in Whistler (now with locations throughout Vancouver) with a simple mission: they bake delicious bread, savouries, cakes & treats that bring a smile to peoples’ faces. It all started off by baking bread at home for family & friends and that is how they still treat their business… just like a family, only a little bigger.

Purebread has a fantastic team of people who are passionate about baking and eating good food and using quality ingredients that help to make delicious goodies.