Match Stick Coffee Shops - Tenant Improvement

Mainland Plumbing has recently completed 2 major tenant improvement projects for Match Stick Coffee shops at their Davie Street and Richards Street locations. These coffee shop plumbing projects covered new piping,

We keep Match Stick Coffee’s plumbing in proper working order. over the years Mainland Plumbing has helped resolved leaking pipes, grease trap cleaning, sump pump service and back-flow prevention services. These are all plumbing services needed to keep any restaurant or coffee shop in proper working order.

Mainland Plumbing also specializes in the installation and servicing of plumbing related to coffee machines, commercial espresso machines, freezer and refrigeration units and faucets and beverage taps.

Mainland Plumbing is Vancouver’s preferred choice for tenant improvement projects, plumbing maintenance and emergency plumbing services. Call us today to see how we can help ensure that your business’s plumbing requirements are handled in an efficient and professional manner.