Atlas Steak and Fish Commercial Kitchen Plumbing Project

One of our most recent high profile restaurant plumbing projects was the recently completed Atlas Steak + Fish at the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre in Burnaby BC. This 5000 square foot world-class restaurant is the crown jewel of the resort’s five million dollar facelift. This steak house has a unique and absolutely stunning open kitchen concept with a modern high end bar.

Commercial Kitchen Plumbing

The Atlas Steak + Fish’s commercial kitchen is a work of art and we are very proud to have helped create it. Mainland Plumbing offers a full range of commercial plumbing services suitable for any size of restaurant or commercial kitchen.

Restaurant Fixture Installation

Commercial kitchen fixtures need to work at peak performance and are put under heavy stress on a daily basis. Mainland Plumbing can help select the best products for your restaurants needs and professionally instal and service them when issues arise. We are experts in the installation of every style of faucet, sinks, garbage disposals, grease traps and water filtration systems.

Kitchen Appliance Installation

Cooking and Warming Equipment

The installation of commercial restaurant ranges, ovens, fryers, grills and steam cooking equipment was all part of this extensive commercial kitchen project.

Refrigeration Equipment

Commercial refrigeration equipment including reach-in and walk-in refrigerators, under-counter fridges and an extensive bar refrigeration system was installed throughout the Atlas kitchens and bar.

Beverage Equipment

Installing commercial coffee machines, beverage dispensers, ice machines and under bar equipment were important components of creating one of Vancouver’s finest libation experiences.

Dishwashing Equipment

Commercial Dishwashers are designed for heavy use and keep a busy commercial kitchen like Atlas Steak + Fish running smoothly and delivering their customers spotless plates, glasses and cutlery.

Bar Plumbing and Taps

Let us help your establishment create a stunning and highly functional bar like the one found at the Atlas Steak + Fish restaurant. Our many years of experience is why so many restauranteurs choose Mainland Plumbing and Heating for their bar and tap installation requirements.

Lavatory Plumbing

Highly functional, efficient and stylish washrooms are an important component of creating the perfect atmosphere for high end restaurants looking to exceed their clients’ every expectation. Mainland Plumbing & Heating excels in this space. Our reputation as one of Vancouver’s finest lavatory plumbing companies is well established as our list of clients speaks for itself.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Mainland Plumbing and Heating’s commercial kitchen ventilation experience ensures that nothing is left to chance. Over the years we have worked with so many different kitchen setups that we can always deliver the perfect system for your busy commercial kitchen and ensure that proper air flow and safety measures are in place for smooth operation with minimal maintenance.

Gas Fitting Services

Commercial kitchen gas fitting services for gas ranges and hot water heaters should only be attempted by professional installers for the safety of your kitchen staff and and proper equipment function.

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance Services

We offer Atlas and all of our restaurant clients emergency plumbing and kitchen appliance and fixture services with a team of dedicated professional technicians.