North Delta Seafoods - packaging plant improvement

Mainland Plumbing completed a major packaging plant tenant improvement project for North Delta Seafoods. The project consisted of upgrading ventilation, refrigeration units and drainage systems. A complete washrooms renovation was also completed adding more capacity and upgrading old pipes.

About North Delta Seafoods

North Delta Seafoods supports sustainable fishing strategies to ensure the preservation and viability of our fishing resources for the future. They strictly adhere to employ only sustainable fishing practices in highly regulated fisheries that foster accountability to the natural environment.

North Delta Seafoods’ tradition of fishing in the cool waters of the North Pacific also guarantees a commitment to provide only the freshest and most natural wild seafood products to customers worldwide. A detailed chain of custody makes NDS accountable to deliver excellence in quality from the fishing fleet and processing plant to packaging and final delivery to customers.

Processing Plant

North Delta Seafood processing plants are HACCP regulated and approved. The plants are strictly monitored with temperature controls, impeccable product handling and attention to detail that guarantee superior quality for the final product.