Bento Sushi Food Packaging Plant Richmond BC

About Bento Sushi

Bento Sushi got its start in 1996 in downtown Toronto as a small takeout shop offering sushi, bento boxes and other ready-to-eat foods. A rapid expansion followed and continues to this day, transforming Bento Sushi into the largest sushi company in Canada with over 540 locations spread across all ten provinces and several states in the United States. Bento Sushi has just opened a food packaging plant in Richmond BC.

At present, Bento Sushi employs over 1,400 highly trained sushi chefs and serves more than 20 million sushi portions every year. Always looking to better serve customers, Bento Sushi has recently launched the Bento Kitchen concept in select locations – a whole new product line focusing on traditional Japanese entrées such as bento boxes, yaki udon stir-frys, donburi rice bowls and ramen and udon noodle dishes made hot and fresh to order.