Shoppers Drug Mart - Retail Plumbing Project

We have worked extensively with Shoppers Drug Mart stores throughout the Metro Vancouver region including: Surrey, Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Langley, New Westminster, Richmond, Cloverdale, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Port Moody and Burnaby. Shoppers Drug Mart trusts Mainland Plumbing & Heating for a variety of plumbing services ranging from complete plumbing and piping installations for new store locations to routine maintenance issues that help keep all Shoppers Drug Mart Stores running efficiently and code compliant.

Back Flow Prevention

We handle Shoppers Drug Marts’ back flow prevention requirements. Back flow prevention helps protect your business and the municipal water system from any possible contamination resulting from changes in pressure or bad water flow. From the installation of high quality and efficient back flow assemblies to the required annual back flow inspections and the submission of reports to the city engineering department. Our dedicated professional service team is highly experienced and certified to perform the proper installation, repair and testing of all back flow assemblies and systems.

Plumbing Maintenance Schedules

We complete annual inspections on Shoppers Drug Marts’ back-flow prevention systems to ensure that health and safety of their customers and employees. We also visually inspect many other components of the pluming system to ensure everything is in proper working order. We can help your business create and implement a variety of plumbing maintenance and inspection services to help minimize potential large problems and stay code compliant.

Full Washroom Plumbing Services

When it comes to washroom and lavatory plumbing Mainland Plumbing & Heating offers a complete solution for every possible requirement. We have designed and installed full washrooms in many of Shoppers Drug Marts’ new stores and done complete washroom renovations in older locations. This includes all the required piping, water hookups, back flow prevention assemblies, drainage and fire safety. We can help source and instal the best fixtures for your commercial plumbing application including: toilets, faucets, sinks, urinals and showers.

Washroom Maintenance

We handle any washroom maintenance situation should it arise. Our plumbing technicians have the experience to quickly detect and fix any leaks, repair fixtures and unblock drains, sinks and toilets on the spot. If new fixtures are required we can usually have that work done within the day. We offer fast professional service and 24/7 emergency response should that situation arise.

Camera inspection

We utilize state-of-the-art camera inspection technology to quickly assess and repair any kind of pipe or drainage blockage no matter how deep in the system it may be.

Drain Cleaning Services

We have completed an array of drain cleaning service work of all sizes for sewer lines, sewer drains, storm drains, sinks, toilets and their pipes. Our drain cleaning experts will bring all the necessary equipment required to get the job done in the most efficient manner, the first time. Depending on the type of drain blockage we may also employ high powered water jetting or cable machines.

For commercial plumbing systems that experience consistent blockages we can create a drain cleaning maintenance schedule that keeps you operating in the most efficient manner with no disruptions during your peak operating hours.

PVR – Water Pressure Reducing Valves

We help ensure that all Shoppers Drug Mart Stores’ plumbing systems are running safely and as cost efficiently as possible by employing Pressure Reducing Valves (PVR Valves) across all their locations’ plumbing systems. PVR Valves help regulate water pressures within the plumbing system that helps save water, reduce water waste and ensure your plumbing system is running at optimal performance.

Hot Water Tanks

We have undertaken a full range of water tank services for many Shoppers locations including the installation of water tanks in brand new systems, maintenance and the replacement of old water tank units with newer highly efficient models that help reduce operating costs.

Fire Safety System Plumbing

Mainland Plumbing and Heating has many years of experience with commercial fire safety and sprinkler systems. We can engineer and install complete fire sprinkler systems for any size of commercial building project. Fire System maintenance and testing are also part of our total plumbing coverage services we offer to Shoppers Drug Mart and all of our large retail clients.
We help select the right water heater products for any given application and offer a full range of installation and maintenance services for those products.

Gas Fitting Services

Mainland Plumbing & Heating has offered Shoppers locations with professional gas fitting services for their HVAC systems, gas appliances and hot water heaters for many years.

24/7 Emergency Retail Plumbing Services

Our team of experienced plumbers is on call 24/7 to handle any emergency plumbing or washroom service issues that may arise. We pride ourselves on providing the fastest possible service to all of our retail commercial clients. Sometimes with flooding speed is of the outmost importance and with technicians working throughout Metro Vancouver we have someone close by at all times.